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Finding Cheap Flights to Spain

Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations among European countries because of its rich history, exquisite culture, and notable landmarks. Until recent years, flights to Spain and other countries in Europe were very high-priced and so their visitors were generally restricted to the more affluent members of society. However, in the past decade, airlines have been offering significantly more discount airfares to Spain than in earlier years.

Finding cheap flights to Spain is very easy these days, especially if you search online. Almost all airline companies are online anyway, so all you need to do to find the cheapest flights to Spain is to get on the Internet and type in "flights to Spain" onto a search engine, and you will be presented with hundreds of travel plans to choose from.

If you are looking for flights to Spain from the United States, you will probably have more savings if you fly first to the United Kingdom or Dublin, then from there, hop on a flight to Barcelona or Madrid.

If you don't want to change planes, there are also many direct flights to Spain from America but these trips usually cost a lot more. In this case, you can select the point of entry with the cheapest fares.

There are quite a number of airports in Spain, and the most popular ones with great rates are those in Barcelona, Malaga, Madrid, Seville, Alicante and Valencia. Also, it is useful to note that many airlines offer discounts on certain days of the week so you might want to ask about that as well.

Another way to get cheap flights to Spain is to fly on discount carriers. These are lesser known airlines that can get you to Spain at a much lower cost than bigger airlines. However, many of these can be quite tricky to locate as they are not listed with major travel websites. You will have to be more resourceful and more patient in order to find them. It would take some time but the discounts you will get will definitely be worth the extra effort.

As in every other kind of discount, cheap flights to Spain will mean some travel sacrifices. You will probably not be able enjoy the sumptuous meals offered in more expensive flights, nor would you receive the highest quality of service. Oftentimes, discount flights to Spain will not even include a complimentary drink and you would have to buy your own beverages if you get thirsty during the trip.

Finally, when you are looking for discount flights to Spain, you must remember to check the baggage restrictions prior to your departure for your own convenience. For these cheaper flights to Spain, smaller aircrafts are typically used so the baggage allowance will be significantly smaller than what you are used to in regular flights. Also, you will probably need to handle your own baggage during and in between the flights, as this service is usually not included with discount flights to Spain, or to other European countries, for that matter.

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